Turn Your Dog Bakery into a Profitable Business!

When you complete this course you will have ALL the tools and knowledge you need to maximize your money making opportunities!



In this advanced course on How to Make Money Selling Dog Treats you will learn how to focus on WHAT sells and how to utilize YOUR time and efforts in the right direction. The course is designed for Retail Shops, Farmers Market Booths, Expo Tables, and Dog Treat Trucks. I believe in visually showing how to refresh your business plans, step by step so you will have ALL the tools you need to be a SUCCESSFUL business. 

Here's a sample of what you will learn:

  • How to focus on profits without spinning your wheels
    "Follow a simple checklist to discover what products your customers WANT to BUY from you, it might be different than what you are offering."

  • How to attract customers using the 5 second rule
    "Do you ever wonder why people will stand in line at another booth or retail store? Stop wondering, we have the 5 second rule waiting for you!"

  • How to price your products to increase your sales
    "Now that you have the customers attention, be sure you have their sale."

  • How to keep up with supply & demand and break into the wholesale marketplace
    "Selling dog treats wholesale is not as easy as it sounds. You will learn step by step how to keep up with your orders"

  • How to make cash all year round
    "Christmas is such an easy holiday to cash in on and we show you more ways to make money during it; along with the REST of the year"

  • How to use social media to attract more customers
    "Discover the "art" of Instagram and Facebook, there is more than meets the initial eye."

  • How to keep track of finances & reduce inventory costs
    "Wether you are selling dog treats full time or to make extra cash, we have the formula to figure it all out"


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How to Ship a Cake

The ongoing mystery is solved in a step by step video on how to "Ship a Cake" in the mail.


A Target List of Potential Wholesale Customers

Calling on potential wholesale customers outside of your immediate thought process may surprise you, but this list is the perfect way to reach your goals.

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A half hour FREE Coaching Session with Pastries 4 Pets Vice President of Sales

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I purchase?

You'll get an email right after you purchase with your link to access the training. If you don't see it immediately, check your spam folder. Still don't see it? We got your back. Shoot us an email at [email protected] and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Unfortunately, no, because once you sign up you have access to the course immediately. Please read all the related materials to see exactly what topics the course will teach you prior to your purchase. 

"I had been struggling to attract customers to my Farmers Market booth and you truly opened my eyes to what I "should" be doing. I admittedly lost sight after being in business for over 5 years... Now I "see" the way! THANK YOU! "

Christina B.

"Wow! I followed you 5 Second Rule and already made the money back that I used to purchase the course! Your course is worth a lot more money than I paid, THANK YOU!! You truly have me making a lot more money, I can't wait to apply all your secrets.""

Nancy T.

Donna Shovlin

As an entrepreneur herself, Donna has the passion and drive to help other entrepreneurs succeed at selling dog treats. She started her own dog bakery well before it was even understood in the industry. While invented her own dog treat recipes she decided to beautify her treats with dog treat icing and began selling them at Farmers Markets, from there she opened her first retail store and discovered other dog treat bakers who wanted her dog treat icing products. Years later her dog treat icing products turned into a full time factory. Along with running her ingredients manufacturing factory, she has decided to take her experience to help others turn their dog and baking passions into full time careers. 


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